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How to Naturally Remove Toxin Residue Off Your Scalp

In the world we live in today, we are constantly exposed to chemicals and other toxins. Hair loss is becoming more prevalent among both men and women. A contributing factor is the build up on toxins on your scalp. For men, DHT is a commonly blamed for a receding hairline because it clogs the pores and causes the hair follicle to continually grow smaller and smaller. There are many other contributing factors of hairloss, the main factors are related to nutrient deficiency, hormone imbalance, and toxic overload. Using shampoos and conditioners that aren’t natural just adds to the exposure to chemicals and it is something that applies to both men and women. People are lathering their hair in chemicals on a daily basis, assuming that you shower and wash your hair daily. Please shower daily or at least every other day!

On the other hand, washing your hair daily is not be necessary, as it can strip your hair of its natural oils unless you are using a natural, chemical-free shampoo, which makes it a non-issue. If you are using conventional shampoo, a vinegar rinse will help remove the chemical residue that accumulates from it. In addition to helping remove residue, apple cider vinegar helps strengthen your hair, gives it a glossy look, and helps fight against bacteria, yeast, and parasites that might be lurking on your scalp or in your hair. You can definitely feel a difference in your hair after giving it a rinse. Did you know that approximately 90% of people have parasites? Just something to think about! Check out this article for an in-depth look at parasite detoxification.

Beyond shampoos, the quality of water coming out of your shower is another important factor to consider. People really should use a shower filter to filter out the chlorine, volatile organic compounds, fluoride, and other toxins that are commonly found in our water supply. Overtime, these toxins can accumulate in your hair, scalp, and body in general which can lead to many health issues down the road.

Here’s a simple recipe to remove the residue build up on your scalp:

1 tablespoon – Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

2 cups – Water

(optional) 1-3 drops of essential oil such as tea tree or lavender. I’ve done both, as well as a mix of the two. See what you like!

-Store the vinegar water mixture in a glass jar.

-After shampooing, rinse with 1-2 cups of vinegar mixture and leave in for a minute. You can leave it in longer if you like but a minute will suffice.

-Rinse it out with fresh water and you’re done!

Do this once or twice a week for a month. Afterwards, you can decrease to once or twice a month if you like. Check out an article I wrote on other beneficial uses of organic apple cider vinegar. Try it yourself and see how it feels!

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