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The Human Body and Why We Exist

The Human Body and Why We Exist

leonardo da vinciAlong my quest of striving to empower myself and others, I realized that taking full control of my health was a great starting place. When I decided to take control of my life and maximize my full potential I realized that Life is all about perspective. What matters is not the events and experiences that occur, whether they be good or bad, but how you react or respond to them. A negative event can have a positive or negative effect on you, depending on how you view it.

As I enlarged my perspective on life through experience and knowledge, a sense of respect and appreciation naturally came about. Take the human body for example – the human body is designed to be as efficient as it can be, given its environment. It is built to survive. Give it the proper fuel, exercise, and rest and it will deliver. When looking at its functions and abilities, scientists continue to be surprised at how special we really are. Examining a human neuron, they were bewildered to see how closely a human brain cell resembles galaxies in outer space.

I look at our human body as an instrument that our soul uses to experience the world, enabling us to learn new things and grow to a higher level of consciousness.

You wouldn’t feed junk to your prized stallion, and you wouldn’t neglect your Bugatti Veyron either. The human body is the most incredible thing ever created. How much would that be worth? I learned that by changing perspective, giving yourself more credit for who you truly are as an alive-being, and growing respect for yourself and others, you create the inner-space to blossom and push the boundaries of what you thought possible.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by thinking about what needs to be done; I’ve also fallen victim to throwing in the towel before I even started. It’s also easy to psych yourself out, as oftentimes the thought of doing something unfamiliar makes it seem much more intimidating than it actually is. While procrastinating, over-thinking, and worrying you are interestingly experiencing a burst of creativity, *except it’s an imaginative creativity that conjures up all the possible scenarios and obstacles that may or may not even be real. Not the best use of creative potential in my humble opinion.

In seeking answers to these various physical, psychological, or emotional issues, I believe the body’s wisdom knows naturally to look to nature’s healthiest foods for solutions.

Attempting to rectify the root causes of issues rather than simply addressing the symptoms (which merely perpetuates the cycle) is an important paradigm shift in your recovery. Looking at conventional, mainstream medicine today, it is unclear if market-factors or human-factors are the main driving forces behind “healthcare.” Pharmaceutical drugs on television attempt to solve one issue, but in so doing often elicit a whole new list of side effects. It seems everyone is distracted, looking for the elusive quick-fix-pill-savior to solve health problems… when in fact what should be getting much more focus is preventative medicine. Delayed gratification is increasingly becoming a rare attribute.

In the world we live in today, we are blessed to have the Internet and such high global connectivity. The free-flow of information has enabled the individual to take control of their lives through accessibility to knowledge. Yet, most people feel defeated before they even start, because they simply just don’t know where to start. is a digital-environment where people can educate themselves and have easy accessibility to the best information and best products around. We will help those seeking to empower themselves to take control of their health, their lives, and ultimately, the well-being of the ones they love. This is why we exist.

We understand that most people are so busy with work and other commitments that they simply don’t have the time to do the laborious research that we’ve done over the years. That is why we’ve put this website together, so that empowering, applicable, NON-BS information can be easily disseminated amongst the community we’re building. We’d like to congratulate you for making it this far, for you are now one step closer to transforming your life. We appreciate all the support and will continue to strive towards pushing the boundaries of human potential. See you on the flip side . . .

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