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Kefir, Probiotic Pills, or Yogurt, Which Should I Take?

Kefir versus Pills While there are several places to buy probiotic supplements, it is important to have some background information in order to make an educated purchase. When you see a brand advertising that they have 20 or 40 billion CFUs (Colony Forming Units), it may seem that this is a lot of probiotics, and it did to me initially ... Read More »

What are Milk and Water Kefir Probiotics?

“A Gift From God – One of Nature’s Most Potent Probiotics Sources” efore we begin, we should start by tackling the obvious question: What exactly are probiotics? Probiotics refers to the several different kinds of beneficial bacteria and yeasts that help your body maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract. There are over 400 species that inhabit different regions of the GI ... Read More »

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