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How Much Fresh Juice Should I Drink?

By: Jefferson Tobkin When it comes to drinking fresh juice, the more the merrier. Just keep track of how much fruit you are adding. Usually when juicing, I make about 3-4 cups at a time. Straight up green vegetables can be quite bitter depending on what it is what you’re juicing. Usually, I’ll juice half to one apple or pear ... Read More »

5 Reasons to Buy the Omega 8006 Masticating Juicer

After much research and looking at the pros and cons of which juicer to purchase, I decided to buy the Omega 8006 Single Gear, Dual Stage Masticating Juicer for $299.00. They have the same model in white for $259.00, the Omega 8004, but I read that after a while the white part would get stained from the juice so I ... Read More »

Juicing – The Shortcut To Healthy Living (Part 1)

Today information on health is much more easily accessible than even five years ago. Still, there are so many different perspectives on which path is the most optimal to health and longevity and I know it can be pretty confusing. I think to give some clarity it would be best to go to the root of the problem, not simply ... Read More »

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