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Top 6 Sources of Vitamin D3

vitamin d and the sun

Vitamin D is now getting mainstream attention and for good reason. Once only believed to be associated with bone diseases like osteoporosis and rickets, scientists have now discovered that it is responsible much, much more than that. It is a fat-soluble vitamin, which can be created in your own body by being exposed to ultraviolet light (sunlight) or by ingesting ... Read More »

How To Clay Bath Detox

Taking clay baths are an extremely effective way of removing large amounts of toxins from your system without putting extra stress on your internal anatomy. Certain toxins like mercury cause extreme stress on your organs, so clay baths help your body eliminate your toxic load through your skin. Your skin is the largest organ on your body and it is ... Read More »

How To Go Organic Without Breaking the Bank

During tough economic times, it can be hard to stay on track and stick to a healthy lifestyle while our bank accounts get squeezed. Choosing to go Organic can become increasingly difficult because of this, as the temptation for super cheap processed food becomes all the more attractive. People always ask how in the world is it possible to eat ... Read More »

Kefir, Probiotic Pills, or Yogurt, Which Should I Take?

Kefir versus Pills While there are several places to buy probiotic supplements, it is important to have some background information in order to make an educated purchase. When you see a brand advertising that they have 20 or 40 billion CFUs (Colony Forming Units), it may seem that this is a lot of probiotics, and it did to me initially ... Read More »

What are Milk and Water Kefir Probiotics?

“A Gift From God – One of Nature’s Most Potent Probiotics Sources” efore we begin, we should start by tackling the obvious question: What exactly are probiotics? Probiotics refers to the several different kinds of beneficial bacteria and yeasts that help your body maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract. There are over 400 species that inhabit different regions of the GI ... Read More »

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